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Your operational goals & performance objectives are unlike any other. Texaswireless knows that in order to help you achieve success you need an objective analysis of your individual requirements & an optimal solution that gives you the competitive advantage. Whether it is a new Software & Hardware integration or an upgrade in solution, Texaswireless has the expertise to help you achieve your unique goals, regardless of your existing infrastructure. Texaswireless’s project managers & other services have more than fifteen years of experience in software, hardware, icloud, security cameras, networking, graphics designs & Website designs, equipment integration, & project planning. As your single point of contact for providing solutions, procurement, implementation, & commissioning, we can supply, integrate, &commission 100% of your solutions needs. This will reduce the number of vendors & interfaces that you have to manage. From pre-sales to actual implementation, our project management team will handle all aspects required for a successful solution roll-out. Our consultants will work directly with our own team along with your project team to develop a comprehensive scope of work. Our Major goal is IT stuff & other listed on our site, we do supplies of brand new computers, networking, security cameras installations, icloud, in house printing press & website designs, for health care, local resturants & private companies.

Deployment & project planning
Project management & systems integration planning
Hosted project management tools & reporting
Dedicated project management & implementation team
Deployment strategy & IT integration rest listed above.

Services offered

  • Prepare a project assessment based on existing & future  requirements.
    Review & examine existing business workflows & recommended improvements
    Deploy the recommendation applications optimized for each particular customer
    Conduct post-implementation & customer satisfaction reviews.

01 Software & Hardware
How To Easily Analyze Troubleshooting?
If there is a problem with the system provides the code “beep” is more than 2 times, then chances are there are problems in the layout of the component numbers 4 &5, i.e., RAM, VGA Card &Monitor.

02Networking, & iCloud,
  • Database design and management utilizing Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL technologies, Mobile application design for Microsoft Windows Mobile and Android Operating System Software life cycle management and best practices.


Security Cameras Installations, Graphic Designs & Website Designs.
Why this is necessary?
 Our valued clients' wanted to implant using this services for the growth of company & to the next level of achievement, reputable & profitable towards the company.


We improved our inventory accuracy &were able to update our material records throughVisual.NET,

C#, & C++ in our new SAP system as well as in our legacy AS400 system simultaneously. We are very pleased with the flexibility &ease of use of the software.

John Williams


After we implemented the Texaswireless, solution for ourselves at Ryder we decided to offer this solution to our customers as well. We have created an Enterprise wide Software solution that can benefit each of our customers. Philips & HP are the first ones to benefit from the Visual.NET, C#, & C++solution.

Kate Holmes


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